Barking and Dagenham College wireless network access for Staff & Students


  • BDCWIFI Network This is for College owned devices which can be used by staff and students. This will allow full access to all college resources and does NOT require any configuration in windows 7 - you should login as normal.
  • GUEST Network For staff and student members who wish to use personal rather than College owned laptops or mobile devices allowing access to the Internet and the College Intranet ONLY. To connect to “GUEST” wireless network follow the instructions below.
  • bdcopenzone Network This network is ONLY for external visitors. Note that although students will be able to make the initial device connection to this network, further user access will only be granted to external visitors and not staff/students.

Typical procedure to connect to "GUEST" Wireless Network for Windows 7

1 View available wireless networks by clicking on the Wireless signal strength icon in the task bar and select the “GUEST” wireless network and click on “Connect” button.

Guest access

2 If you open a browser, the Barking and Dagenham College’s GUEST portal page should load automatically regardless of your browser’s home page setup as long as it is not an “https” site. Follow the on screen instructions to connect. The following screens should be seen while attempting to register.

3 Click on “Please click here to connect to the network” to proceed.

Guest login

4 Use your normal login credentials and click on “Login” button.

Guest access

5 Tick the “I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy” and click on the “Complete Registration” button.

Guest access

6 The following screens should then follow – registration takes less than a minute. If the following screen is displayed for longer than 2 minutes, please restart the process by restarting the browser (normally the process takes 40 seconds). If unsuccessful on the subsequent attempt(s), please contact the ILCT Helpdesk via a staff member.

Guest access

7 Once network access is granted, please close all instances of the browser and open the browser again. You should now have access to the Internet as well as various authorised student web portals (listed at the end of this document).

Guest access


  • Ensure that you are connected to the “GUEST” wireless network.
  • Ensure that you are visiting an “http” website and not an “https” one otherwise the login page will not display (Google, Yahoo and Bing use HTTPs by default even if you type “http://” at the start) – or can be used without issues.
  • Ensure to tick the “I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy” before clicking on “Complete Registration” button.
  • Ensure that there are no customised Proxy settings both in the Operating System and the browser in use.
  • If you have successfully authenticated and can confirm that you are connected to the correct Wireless Network but you are still unable to access the Internet then the problem is most likely to be with the settings for the proxy and it is worth checking it.
  • If the registration fails, please close the browser and repeat steps above before asking a staff member to troubleshoot or contact the ILCT Helpdesk on your behalf.
  • You can also voice your concerns or suggestions in the Higher Education Student Forum on any wireless issues which you feel will improve the College’s wireless access experience.
Accessible authorised Intranet web portals

BDC online (Staff & Student portal) ***Please note you will need to login to the site first to access content using the same login details that you use to log onto college PC’s.

Learning Resource Centre
FROM BDC online portal

Internally: (select Student Zone>Helping you to succeed>Additional Learning Support & Learning Resource Centre (LRC))
Remotely: (select Student Zone>Helping you to succeed>Additional Learning Support & Learning Resource Centre (LRC))

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